Sustainability of Exotic Leathers

March 11, 2021


Speakers:  Christy Plott (Sustainability Consultant at Louisiana Department of Wildlife) - Daniel Natusch (Chair, IUCN SSC Boa and Python Specialist Group and Macquarie University, Australia) - Mathias Loertscher (CITES delegate for Switzerland and Chair of the CITES Animals Committee) - Cathelijne Klomp (LVMH) - Matthew Kilgarriff (Richemont's CSR Director)

The production of exotic leathers is mainly made of reptile skins (snakes, crocodiles, lizards), which represent a consolidated niche of the tanning industry, with some very specific and particular dynamics. The perception of the sustainability of the exotic leathers' supply chain is unfortunately often flawed by biased, incomplete, simplistic, downright misinformation not supported by scientific evidence.

The webinar aims to illustrate the reality of this particular supply chain, thanks to the contribution of technical, scientific and legislative experts in the segment.

Excerpt taken from Lineapelle-Fair.
Watch the webinar here


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