Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them. 
- Marcus Aurelius


Our founder, Ling’s favourite sport is weightlifting and she trains several times weekly at TG Strength. 

We gave away a pair of gym straps for Emily (Godley) Muskett to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease Association. The straps raised AUD 250 within 3 days it went live. 

Also supporting TG Strength during the lockdown, the head coach and owner Lester Ho purchased $20 vouchers for all of his members to go towards purchase of our gym straps. We have also provided a further 22% discount to support Ling’s peers at the Gym. 

Pets Haven

For every pet collar that we sell, we donate one to Pets Haven. 

Pets Haven is close to our hearts because Ling and her partner adopted one of their cats from this amazing establishment in Woodend.

Partnering with RMIT University

Firstly, thank you to Dr Jessica Helmi and RMIT University for having Ling as a guest lecture for one of their MBA and Entrepreneurship programmes. Our founder, Ling, appeared for the first time as a guest lecture in the first semester in 2020. It has been trying times for the University during the Coronavirus crisis and we saw a significant number of students deferring their studies. Despite that, there were still students who were keen in learning and accepted this challenge. 

In Semester 1 and Semester 2 2020, Ling provided lectures on entrepreneurship, branding, product and services. Ling talked about how her personal values are ingrained in the LIN8 brand and that it is pivotal to the work she does. Ling has also agreed to be an Industry Partner of RMIT whereby students can work with us in their assignments. 

Ling believes in contributing to the society and is inspired by Dr Helmi and her students. She enjoys sharing her journey and values with others, working towards making businesses better in this world. 

Thank you once again, Dr Jessica Helmi and RMIT University, including the Elders and Traditional Owners/ Custodians of the land, for having me as one of your Industry Partners. 

LIN8 luxury leather goods teaching MBA at RMIT university Melbourne Australia



Valentina picks the Card-Up. In corporate finance, she also spends time in practising yoga. Now, a mother to beautiful children, she still seeks the finer things in life. 

David picks the DT and the Pocket-Fold card holders. Once a youth national champion weightlifter, now working in government corporate sector. He enjoys photography and appreciates high quality leather. 

Wani picks the Ezie clutch and Madagascar wallet. A Communications Corporate personnel, a recreational BJJ athlete, also a friend. She enjoys traveling and the wondrous types of different foods and coffee.

Yen picks the Madagascar wallet and the YL backpack. A recreational weightlifter, World Masters silver medalist, now works in corporate. She is passionate about gardening and loves the supple touch of her YL backpack. 

Peter enjoys co-creating with us. A retired doctor, now organising conferences, he loves traveling and appreciates fine arts. A friend to us, he has abundance of wisdom to share with everyone.

Phillip picks In His Pocket wallet, the best cardiac thoracic surgeon in Australia. He loves traveling, teaching and playing the viola. The president of Corpus Medicorum, they raise funds for cancer patients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Also, Ling's surgeon during the months when she suffered from a couple of pneumothoracies.  

Joanne picks the Classic JLM, an emergency doctor, she also loves life. Plants and flowers, now Oscar her BFF. A kind-hearted soul, she enjoys cooking, savouring different cuisines and loves to dress up for the night out.

Cera picks the Pocket-Fold card holder and the Shopper bag. Highly active person, an Allied Health practitioner, she enjoys participating in sports (weightlifting, crossfit, marathon runs, pilates, volleyball) now also coaches in weightlifting. 

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