LIN8 /lɪŋŋ/ journey started in 2015 and we have always advocated for outstanding materials, care and cratsmanship. We set out to create timeless accessories that allow our clients to wear and use our accessories over and over again withstanding time.

In 2019, the world started to see sustainability in a different way and the United Nations created a Charter United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.



Equality. Supporting all genders with different educational, sexuality and cultural backgrounds. Our founder is Malaysian Chinese who spent most of her life in Melbourne Australia since 2002. We work with experts in Australia, Europe and Singapore. 

Artisans. We work with artisans in developed countries: locally in Melbourne and in Singapore. We trust and work diligently with our selected professional artisans to build long-term relationships. Normally our Australian workshop will close during the Christmas/ New Year period and our Singaporean workshop closes during Chinese New Year for about 2 weeks. Our creative director works extremely closely with artisans in conceptualising and production. 

UN Global Compact. Committing to the UN Global Compact's 10 principles around the subject matter of human rights. 

Clients. We welcome conversation with our clients focused on both their lifestyles and our products. As much as our accessories are luxury, we strive to work with our clients to produce accessories that are also functional. 

Community. We support sporting initiatives. We have helped clubs and athletes to raise funds in attending international competitions. Let us know how we can participate here


Product. We commit in designing products that are timeless. Our accessories produced are not seasonal and therefore we have no need to conduct sales, discounts and disposal of inventory. We do not discard nor incinerate our products. The quality of our materials are the highest available in the industry and this ensures that your accessories have great longevity. 

Leather. We endeavour to use all of our leathers without wasting them. We re-purpose pieces of our valuable leathers into bookmarks which can be used in small leather goods and also to be used in making ornaments, fobs, gift tags etc. 

Innovation. We commit in exploring different materials that have great environmental initiatives. We have explored some leather alternatives and unfortunately they do not meet the quality of genuine leathers. However, we introduced a new material in our collection, a revolutionary DuPont material which is tear and water resistant: Re.Use

We welcome conversation around different materials, if you come across to anything interesting please send us a message

Supply chain. We commit in knowing who we source our materials from. We source directly from tanneries and hardware producers. We work with tanneries that have responsible and state-of-art waste management systems in place. 


Product. Our accessories are not seasonal and hence we do not discard our products nor incinerate them. We encourage our products to be passed down, mended, restored or repurposed. 

Plastics. We commit in avoiding the use of single-use plastics from our postal packaging to our final product. Our postal envelopes are either compostable or recyclable.

Packaging. We mainly use packaging which you can re-purpose for storage. They are normally sustainable and made for long-term use; and made of plywood, stainless steel and clear acrylic. 

Initiative. In 2020, we started 928 upcycling collection whereby we recreate accessories from leather remnants. Often, traditional leather crafting methods produce waste whereby we are left with off-cuts of leathers. Instead of discarding them into landfills, we are designing different products for this collection. Recreating from upcycled leathers also do not compromise the integrity of the leather longevity.

Ideally, nothing should be discarded including our packaging. Our unique vision ensures that we are unique and that we always find ways in collaboration and creation of the ultimate accessories created for your lifestyle. All of the elements above are crucial to our business because your accessories are made to celebrate through time, and we are also committed in building our business that celebrates along with you and your next generation. 

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