L I N 8 bespoke quality Australian designer&handmade leather accessories

Genuine leathers sourced from established French tanneries.

Creating with a legacy in mind.


L I N 8 /lɪŋŋ/ is committed in sourcing the best quality leathers that are available in the global market because our showcase pieces are created to ensure longevity so you can hand-down to the next generation. Crocodile leather is considered to be the most precious leathers available. It is highly coveted by many because of its majestic scales, durability and rarity. 

The range of leathers we have meticulously selected are full grain and it is contrary from reconstituted/ bonded/ split leather which are normally much cheaper and much poorer quality materials. The use of reconstituted leather especially on the body of leather pieces will wear and tear very quickly and they need to be replaced more often and it also adds to your carbon foot print as they are not biodegradable. 

Each hide of leather is always different to the next hide, so there will always be variations. Any variation of grains or tiles is not deemed as imperfection because it demonstrates the true nature of the original hide, adding to its unique properties of your specially made bespoke piece. Over time and wear of your piece, the leathers will develop natural patina. This is one of its benefits and proof that my leathers are genuine. More about leather care here

Genuine and non-compromising quality non-exotic leathers are used either on the body or as lining in my leather pieces. A selection of full grain cow, calf and lamb leathers are sourced from European tanneries. Our leather gym pulling straps are top grain genuine cow leather sourced from a local Melbourne leather supplier. 

The tanneries where L I N 8 gets leathers from adhere to strict ISO 26000 social responsibility standards. 

  • Crocodile leather 
  • Ostrich leather
  • French Chevre leather
  • French Taurillon leather
  • European cow leather 

  • LIN8 luxury leather Melbourne Australia


    Exotic Leathers (48.86, 2.34)

    Like many farmed poultry or meats, one of its by-product is leather. This applies similarly to farmed crocodile and ostrich. Our crocodile leathers are sourced from a conglomerate French-owned tannery of nearly 170 years old and ostrich leathers are sourced from reputable Australian and South African tanneries. Also noting that, our leathers are not illegally poached and our suppliers comply with international treaty regulations CITES.

    Crocodile is a relative of a Jurassic creature and hence its leather is one of the strongest and hardest leathers. Contrary to that thought, once the hides are finished (tanning works) and once you start wearing or using your piece the leather will soften considerably over time. Both ostrich and crocodile leathers will also develop natural patina which highlight the beauty of your L I N 8 piece and its uniqueness to your personal wear. 

      • Full grain leather
      • Thickness: 1-1.2 mm 
      • Tanning: chrome and drummed
      • Finish: elegant, soft-to-touch
      • Use: large, medium, small size bags and small leather goods
       LIN8 luxury leather goods made with crocodile leather
      * Governments certified crocodile leathers sourced from


      Taurillon leather (43.33, -1.45)

      2017 marks an important year for us as we started sourcing directly from specialised tanneries in France. Our beautiful full grain taurillon leather is sourced from Espelette in France with a tradition that they have kept since 1927.

      This tannery produces exceptional quality leather for use in the finest handbags and they guarantee selection of the finest hides. With nearly 100 years of experience, they are the best in technical expertise which translate to the most exquisite feel of hides and producing rich bold colours.

      • Full grain leather
      • Thickness: 2-2.5mm
      • Tanning: semi-aniline treated
      • Finish: elegant, silky, soft/ supple and resistant
      • Use: large, medium and small size bags


      LIN8 luxury leather goods. Taurillon leather sourced from France

      Maia leather (43.33, -1.45)

      • Full grain leather
      • Thickness: 1.5 mm
      • Tanning: semi-aniline treated, drummed and matte glazed leather
      • Finish: smooth, fine grain, elegant, silky, soft-to-touch
      • Use: medium and small size bags, small leather goods


      * France, where we source taurillon and chevre leathers from


      Chèvre leather (48.85, 2.34)

      Chèvre leather makes beautiful small leather goods and bags. Our chèvre leather is sourced from Paris, France office. This centenary tannery uses both traditional and modern techniques in their tannery works. 

      The leathers are tanned exclusively with vegetable tannins at their tavern. The finished hides have natural and supple feel to them. They are also full grain leathers.

      • Full grain leather
      • Thickness: 1.2 mm 
      • Tanning: semi-aniline treated
      • Finish: elegant, fine grain, supple
      • Use: small bags, small leather goods
      LIN8 luxury chevre leather from France
      Chèvre/ goat leather from France



      Our fittings are mainly sourced from a workshop located in Florence, Italy. They are normally made of either brass or mixed medium and plated with either gold or nickel. 


      Zips are sourced directly from the factory in Switzerland. Our zips are also customised to our requests. Each zip is also individually crafted to ensure that its quality and standards are met. 

      LIN8 taurillon and Chèvre leathers sourced from France

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