September 22, 2020

Why are French leathers so sought after?

French leather is extremely well known in the fashion and accessories industry being the very best. French leathers are rarer compared to Italian leather because its production is not as big as Italian leather. Hence making French leathers higher in demand. 

Quality. French leather is highly durable and very well-made. The tanneries we work with have high responsibility standards when it comes to the environment, waste and water usage. French leathers also often the most valuable, so you'll know when you pay for your accessories. 

Longevity. We purchase natural full grain leathers and they have the highest longevity compared to other types of leathers. French leathers are great for everyday wear. 

Uniqueness. Leathers originating from France is always unique and high in demand especially in high fashion and in big fashion houses. Its uniqueness stems from the quality that is produced and that each hide supplied to us, is hand-buffed.

Timeless. As French leathers have great longevity, it also means that your accessories are timeless. 

Leather care. There is no need for additional leather care because the hides we receive are all hand-buffed and hand-polished. The tanneries also apply protective conditioner to ensure that your accessories will last longer. 

LIN8 taurillon leather from France




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