October 02, 2020

We have as many moments to celebrate in 2020 and as many as these trying times. We are fortunate that our design process has not been hindered, in fact we have been inspired by people and the change of their lifestyles. As many of us have not been able to spend much time outside, and continuing to work from home, we are inspired to create accessories that fit to your needs. 

This means, designing accessories that are smaller as there is less need in carrying more than just your wallet (preferably a card wallet), keys and mobile phone. Definitely a hand sanitiser on-the-go too. So, what are the trends of bags and accessories during this COVID-19 times?

Whether wearing small bags around your chest or waist, to keep your hands free, have proven to be functional during these times. Great for shopping, and great for ergonomics too. Having your bags close to the centre of mass of your body, meant that your hands are not only free from added weight, but also free from added pressure on joints like your wrist and elbows. Simply just save those for your groceries bags. 

These are some of the products that we designed in 2020. Incorporating luxury touches to our designs, we have included some use of exotic leathers like genuine crocodile leather. On top of that, we see more use of our chevre leather which we specially import from a tannery in France. Our taurillon leather is great for small and medium size bags too. 

Mobile phone pouch. Worn cross-body like a lanyard. Fits our Pocket-Fold card holder, or the Card-Up card holder, and a mobile phone.


AR belt bag. Worn on the waist, as cross-body or as a sling.


Pocket- Fold card holder. You only need your cards, contactless payment and more importantly, carrying your IDs with you.


Messenger bag. Enables you to shop for groceries on the go. Folded so you have the flexibility of a smaller or bigger volume capacity. 


Keys pouch. Use the ends of your keys to touch any lift buttons, simply tuck the keys away and sanitise later.

We would love to share our journey with you.

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