January 07, 2021

How did we embark on the journey of LIN8 /lɪŋŋ/

Our founder, Ling, has always has profound appreciation for the finer things in life. She not only finds beauty in well-made crafts, but also finds it inspiring to be on the journey with her friends. Initially, her vision was to craft the most amazing accessories there are with the world's finest materials. That meant crafting a purse with jewelry, seeking collaborative effort with Trewarne Jewellery in Melbourne, and pushing the boundaries of crafting leather goods. 

The journey has inspired us with so much learnings on the way. From knowing and learning about our friends and clients, to Ling learning the arts of craft of leather goods. She has learnt that the art of crafting and the art of business however different it can be, she only need to stay on her course where her values lie in. As Ling journeys on to the unknown, she has kept to herself to continue using high quality materials and continue crafting for timelessness. Other people, call this slow fashion where fashion is not just about seasons, slow fashion and timelessness indirectly contribute to sustainability. That meant, for not only fewer purchases, but also a better course for our environment in the long-term. We do not create for any of our accessories to be discarded, nor our packaging: which we spent a couple of years brainstorming on packaging alone. 

Like Olympic weightlifting, it is about practice over and over again the very same positions and movements. There is no short cut in producing a lift or movement. Similarly, in crafting accessories, there is no short cut in production of high quality materials and none in crafting and finishing a piece of accessory. Undoubtedly, it will take us time and patience in perfecting our crafts and we thank you for that.

Aren't we all unique? We certainly are and that is represented in our accessories. Not one accessory is identical to the other. As hides are natural, grains or scales can appear very differently. Our works and finishes are all different depending on what you request them to be. Each unique accessory is embodiment of yourself, what it is, how you wear it, where you wear it to, how you use it, who you use it with, why you use it, when you use it, whose it is (if you're not the user). As every unique accessory is a story of yourself, that is why we have allowed our Made to Order (customisation) and Made to Measure (co-creation) to support your choices. 

Our continuing learning will help us to provide for you better and allow us to always explore more methods and materials. In 2018, we introduced a DuPont material to our range, our Re.Use bag. With recyclable class 2, it is as easy to recycle this material like a Coke plastic bottle. It is also known for its high wear and tear durability. Even though it is not epitome of a luxurious material today, it is however useful daily as foldable and reusable groceries bag. Learn more about our Responsibility here

Reflecting back in 2020, many of us faced an unknown challenge. We are very appreciative of time, great health, health experts, family/ friends, artisans, and more importantly, your support and kind words. We are also grateful for RMIT having Ling as their guest lecture in their MBA programme. It was refreshing for her to share her experiences and hear the minds of next generation's leaders.

In the earlier days, our passion in using the best materials we can find, has now grown into something more. We love seeing our friends and clients realising their own potential and also embody the same values that we share. 

Now, our vision is to share our dreams with you, creating with a legacy in mind.  

We would love to share our journey with you.

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