May 14, 2019

L I N 8 /lɪŋŋ/ is passionate in sourcing the best leathers in crafting our accessories for you. 

Sourcing from a tannery that has 3 generations of experience in tanning exotic leather is one of our proud moments. This tannery serves high quality exotic leathers to global luxury fashion houses. Its commitment to quality has been fundamental to its success and has continued to be one of the leaders in its industry. 

Crocodile leather accessories are seen globally and the leathers are traded with very strict regulations. Crocodile leathers used at L I N 8 are all CITES-certified by its respective countries. Therefore, complying to the laws and regulations set by local and international governments. The CITES certification was initiated by a group of countries in the early 1970s as a result of over-hunted of certain wildlife.

A little history into why hunting was allowed in the earlier 20th century; there were excessive crocodiles especially in northern of Australia. The society including the lawmakers allowed for that to happen prior because there were fatal attacks against humans. Since the implementation of stricter regulations and the CITES certifications, lawmakers have allowed crocodile farming on the basis that it was a legitimate economic activity for the farmers and that it is quite similar to farming poultry and fishes. Did you know that you can eat crocodile meat? Its texture is between chicken and fish, and apparently well suited for people who suffer from asthma. 

LIN8 crocodile leather

* Tannery of crocodile leather where L I N 8 sources from

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