October 07, 2019

Top 10 benefits of natural full grain leather.

1. What is full grain leather? Full grain leather is the highest grade of leather available. It has the most strength and durability as its composition is not compromised. Top grain leather has less strength and durability compared to full grain leather. Natural full grain leather is extremely hard to come by and normally only available at luxury design fashion houses as its cost is much higher compared to second-grade top grain leather.

LIN8 French taurillon leather. Luxury leather goods made in Australia

2. What does natural full grain look like? It will have imperfections on the hide because it is not imprinted on and its grain is natural. Its leather is not sanded away or skived. A visible spine can also be seen on a whole hide. Professional leather crafting also means that the artisans will have to work the leather along its natural full grain. 

3. Where does natural full grain leather come from? The best natural full grain leather comes from France because they have the expertise and appreciation for producing the highest quality leathers. The leathers harvested are by-product of protein harvest. The taurillon leather we source from in France, comes from young bull. Other examples of natural full grain leathers are ostrich, chevre/ goat, alligator and crocodile. 

LIN8 The Classic JLM crocodile clutch purse made in Australia.

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods made in Australia. Sherudy bag made of crocodile leather and chevre leather from France

4. How is natural full grain leather made? Our taurillon leather imported from France, is buffed by hand by professionals. This gives it a nice sheen to show its natural elements of the leather. 

5.  How to protect natural full grain leather? Natural full grain leather can be aniline dye or semi-aniline dye. Our taurillon leather sourced from France is semi-aniline dye. Our leathers are normally conditioned before we start work on them. The proprietary conditioner protects the leathers from water, scratches and other weather conditions. Disclaimer: you should also be mindful about not leaving your leather goods exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

6. How long will natural full grain leather last? The life of your leather goods depend on its quality of the hide, the type of product, how it is made and its usage and care. Natural full grain leather lasts the longest compared to other leathers. With great care, they can last for more than a generation. 

7. How thick is natural full grain leather? Its initial hide will be around 6 mm thick. The leather is then worked and its thickness will vary depending on the use of the leather. Typically, a finished natural full grain leather used for leather goods will have thickness of around 1.5 millimetres to 3 millimeters. 

8. Can full grain leather peel? Natural full grain leather do not peel over time as they are not laminated and do not have a coating over it. 

9. Can full grain leather be bonded? Natural full grain leather is not bonded. Bonded leather is the lowest quality leather made by gluing unwanted leather scraps together and similar to how plywood is made of glued unwanted wooden scraps. 

10. What are the common uses of full grain leather? Natural full grain leather requires skilled and professional artisans to work and craft. It is the most sought-after leather in luxury design fashion houses that appreciate longevity of their leather goods. You can normally find natural full grain leather like taurillon, chevre, ostrich and crocodile leather in luxury leather goods used by luxury design fashion houses like Hermes and Louis Vuitton. They can be made into small leather goods like wallet and phone cover; bag, handbag, purse, clutch, backpack etc. 


LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods. Backpack made of taurillon leather imported from France



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