September 19, 2019

Many of us have interests in all sorts of things. Fortunately for me, some of my interests are related to parts of my work. Besides designing accessories, sourcing for the best and finest materials; and working with my artisans - I spend majority of the day doing other things. Sometimes, fortunately enough I get to indulge in some of my personal interests. 


Appreciating fine leathers made sourcing not the easiest work. Fortunately my appreciation for leather meant that I continue looking for the finest leathers to use in my accessories. Characteristics that make great leather are: full grain, natural grain, durability, elegance, vibrancy of the colours. These make the accessories a legacy each of their own. 

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods. Shop crocodile, ostrich, taurillon, chevre leather handbag, bag, purse, clutch, wallet, baseball cap.



I'm fortunate to have learnt from a few different skilled artisans who shared some of their valuable knowledge with me. In the last few years, I have also developed other tools and methods in crafting accessories.

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods. Shop bag, handbag, purse, wallet, clutch, pet collars and baseball cap made in Australia


I love blooms as you can see in some or many of my posts! I find flowers inspiring because they are filled with vibrant colours, the way they move, they are full of life even when they wilt - they speak of life. 

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods. Tulip Trapeze handbag made in Australia with chevre and crocodile leather.


Some blogs I enjoy reading include See360 where I get my product photography done for my website. Barry writes a lot on photography, and I often find his passion for his work inspiring. We often share great stories when I drop in at his warehouse. Do check out some of his work! 

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods. Genuine crocodile leather purse with cross-body strap.



Exercise. Sometimes a taboo word, sometimes a loved word by fitness enthusiasts. I'm not quite a fitness enthusiast, though more of a movement technique enthusiast. I go to The Training Geek, where coaches Lester Ho and Cera Lai work at. What I love a lot about weightlifting is that it is something that I continuously always need to learn, adapt and improve on. There is almost never a point I could reach perfection, always striving for excellence in movement. For all things to do with body and brain, I go to Jurmaine Health for their services. This includes learning more about neurosciences and getting treated by their fabulous clinicians! 

LIN8 founder Ling Ong aspiring olympic weightlifting



I am quite the glutton~ I love all sorts of foods and even more if I am lucky enough that someone cooks for me. Like almost every other Melbournian, I love my brunch and cafes. Coffee is the absolute must every morning. My partner has influenced me into drinking filter coffee - something I look forward to everyday the moment I wake up. Follow my friend Lianne for some foodie experience. 

LIN8 Australia's bespoke luxury leather goods made with genuine crocodile, ostrich, chevre, taurillon leather

LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods made in Australia


Not quite an interest - though lots of love for our cats. Archiebald was adopted from PetsHaven and Aristotle was adopted from Meow Rescue

LIN8 founder Ling Ong's cat Archiebald

LIN8 founder Ling Ong's cat Aristotle

LIN8 founder Ling Ong's cat Aristotle

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