June 21, 2018

At LIN8, we are passionate about using the best leathers. 

Many times, people have said genuine leather on their products however it is not entirely true, as it can be made of the lowest quality leather. Like reconstituted/ bonded leather made out of dust. They do not last as long compared to full grain leather. 

Top grain leather is normally found in 'fine' or luxury leather goods store. It is better than 'genuine leather' however full-grain is still the best. Top grain is like full grain though its top layer is stripped off to eliminate leather imperfections. Top grain often is also embossed/ stamped with grain shapes for a 'leather finish'. 

Full grain leather is made of the entire hide - so there will be some imperfections and it is the most durable of all. Patina will develop on full grain leather. Why are they more expensive? The supply of full grain leather is way lower, and for leathers like ostrich and crocodile leather, one simply cannot just eliminate its top layers. Hence full grain leather is very exclusive. 

At LIN8, we only use full grain leathers! 


LIN8 Australia’s bespoke luxury leather goods made in Australia with concierge design services. Design, create, tailor, customise your own leather goods, bag, handbag, purse, clutch, wallet, pet dog collar, gym lifting pulling straps. Taurillon, togo, chevre, crocodile leather specially imported from France. Comes with free bluetooth beacon tracking device

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