Mobile phone pouch

L I N 8

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Polished fuchsia crocodile
Polished lutetia crocodile
Polished sanguine crocodile
Polished viola cassis crocodile
Polished black crocodile
Polished blue electric crocodile

Minimal and luxurious leather to keep your smart phone on your chest for easy access. Fashioned with Nile crocodile leather and lined with French chevre leather.

  • height 17 cm
  • width 9.7 cm
  • gussett 4.0 cm
  • adjustable strap
  • fits Card-UP or Pocket-Fold and most mobile phones (up to 16.5 cm height)
  • front panel and tab in genuine crocodile leather
  • back panel, gusset and strap in chevre leather

Full crocodile $4,280 may be available upon request. Contact us to discover our personalisation services.

Crafted in Melbourne Australia with genuine crocodile leather.

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