CMC clutch

L I N 8

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Limited edition gold-plated card.
Available upon request.


Handcrafted with exquisite crocodile leather, the CMC comes with detachable shoulder strap for versatile wearing. Collection of precious and semi-precious cabochon adds your legacy to the CMC. 

  • height 14 cm
  • base length 25 cm
  • base depth 5 cm
  • 1 internal pocket
  • built-in card holder

The first piece was made in collaboration with Trewarne Diamonds, an established local Melbourne jeweler. Travis and Ling collaborated to make a special piece for an important exemplar who we admire dearly. Travis designed this with some of our ideas thrown in to incorporate specific birth stones which coincidentally also matched his idea about internal and external energies (chakra) synergising with one another. The collaboration with Travis was successful in creating this beautiful piece. This piece of jewel consists of Australian Argyle pink diamonds, emerald, garnet and tourmaline, and made of solid silver with rhodium plating. Thank you, Travis! 

Around the same time, L I N 8 also experimented the use of mixed exotic leathers on a bag. The second CMC was made with beautiful ostrich leather on the body and the flap, with crocodile leather trimmings. 

Crafted in Melbourne.

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