L I N 8

 -with silent 8- 

Smart Fashion
Traceable technology/ tracker
  • Option to purchase traceable device for only an additional AUD10 for some items as stated on product descriptions. 
    • Select 'with tracker' to include this device in any of your purchases. 
  • It assists you to find your L I N 8 piece under pile of other treasures.
    • The device buzzes and/ or lights up when you tap either of the function on your smart phone. 
    • Powered by BLE bluetooth low energy and crowd GPS. 
    • Bluetooth technology is provided by a third party service. 
  • It also alerts you if you have left your L I N 8 piece at an environment that is too warm.
    • There is an extra alert function to inform you if the temperature has increased.
    • I recommend that any of your L I N 8 piece should be kept at room temperature, 20 - 27 °Celsius. 
    • Note that this feature requires you to calibrate the temperature.
  • Size: 0.5 cm in thickness, 4 cm in diameter and extremely light in weight. 
  • Supports:
    • iPhone 4s or newer
    • iPad 
    • Android 4.4 phones or newer with Bluetooth 4.0


Typically leading fashion houses would charge  AUD 4,000 - AUD 15,000 for a cow hide leather tote bag and AUD 35,000 - AUD 50,000 for a crocodile tote bag. Check out my tote bag here. 

  • Ostrich and crocodile leathers are extremely rare and considered to be some of the most exclusive and valuable exotic leathers in the global market.
  • Price of sale includes 10% GST for goods consumed in Australia.
  • Prices may change without notice. 

Handcrafted leather goods

  • Some pieces or projects may be subjected to a waiting list. 
  • Are all crafted in Australia, wallets are crafted in Singapore, and a couple of designs crafted in the USA. We use traditional French and modern leather crafting techniques. 
  • I work extremely closely with my artisans and they operate as established artisan entities. This means, there is no opportunity for any exploitation and hence complying with any employment laws. 
  • My handbag fittings are made-to-order in Italy and my premium zips are made and customised in Switzerland.
  • I also work closely with other local businesses to deliver the final product, like my premium packaging. 
  • Pieces priced at AUD 188 and under will receive seasonal packaging.

 LIN8 Australia's leather goods made in Melbourne Australia. Workshop photo


LIN8 Australia's luxury leather goods made in Australia by French artisans with experiences of nearly 100 years.

Limited Edition Pieces

  • Premium packaging including clear lid with compliments.
  • Gold-plated certificate with serial number.
  • Subject to availability and wait list. 


Care for Exotic Leather

  • To find out more, read here


  • I only offer monogramming on my made-to-order L I N 8 pieces. This must be advised upon order.
    • Monogramming is normally done upon cutting of leather prior to assembly of pieces. Simply to lower any erroneous risks, as the materials are dear to both you and I.
    • As I respect the natural finish of leathers, I do not monogram on exotic leathers.
  • Ready-made pieces.
    • I do not offer monogramming on pieces available in stock.
  • I can do blind monogramming on selected accessories
    • Please advise upon ordering
    • This will require a nominal fee of $28.00
    • Please contact me to find out more. 


Special Order

  • Upon my discretion, I can personally design for you and create a new piece from scratch.
    • I note that this is rather highly resource intensive exercise because it involves at least 50 hours of work for a piece of small leather goods.
  • These items will also be available to everybody else and some pieces may be selected to be part of my limited edition collection. 
  • Pieces that are available upon request are subject to a waiting list and my availability.
    • Please contact me to find out more. 
  • These pieces cannot be returned or exchanged for change of mind because they are tailored personally for you. Quality will be checked strictly prior to dispatch. 



    • General promotional voucher terms and conditions:
      • Can only be used once.
      • Cannot be used conjunction with any other offer(s).
      • Must be used at my store and it is not exchangeable for cash.


    Purchase, Exchange or Return
    • All sales and transactions are final.
    • Any exchanges or returns are dealt with on case-by-case basis and available within 3 days (inclusive of weekend). 
    • Please contact me to discuss this should there be any requests for exchanges or returns. 

     About L I N 8

    • L I N 8 is founded by Ling who has true passion in creating and delivering you exciting leather fashion accessories.
    • More about L I N 8 here


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