L I N 8
You cannot demand creativity, creativity must be cultured
- Ling


I grew up in a small town in Penang, Malaysia. I was very close to my aunts while growing up and they introduced me to many beautiful things in life. This ranged from their handmade smocking dresses tailored just for me, to lovely Lladro figurines to decorate my second home here in Australia. 

I have been living in Melbourne since 2002 and graduated in engineering and law from Monash University. I then took up a legal role, where many friends and colleagues said that I was brimming with creativity.

After a few years in the corporate world, I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own line of accessories. It has been an inspiring and rewarding journey where I am able to build a legacy of my own through reflections of my personal experiences including my family's and friends'. Inspired by life, people, tools, classic pieces and pop culture.

My creations reflect my take on colours, shapes, textures, ideas, living and traveling. Growing up with precious and immaculately made pieces; it inspired me to realise those memories into unique accessories just to share with you. Passionate about leather, materials and various methods, a L I N 8 piece is more than just a design. Using traditional French leather goods making technique, experimenting with various methods and processes, I also explore 3D printing and smart technology. I preserve these dreams in my creations and would like to pass them on to you and your loved ones.

Today, exploring the use of technology as a feature in my accessories range. Providing my clients with a helpful tool that guide them in finding their misplaced bags or keys. 

LIN8 is also registered for GST, which means you can potentially claim Tourist Refund Scheme - other words, duty free shopping! 

Australia's first smart fashion using traditional French and modern leather crafting techniques. 



Creating with a legacy in mind.

LIN8 founder of Australia's bespoke luxury leather goods label Ling Ong. Leather crafted goods with Italian bag fittings, French leathers, Swizerland riri zips

Image credit: Sutejo Tan



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