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Gym pulling straps



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Only blank and blind monogram in the weightlifting type are currently available. Other orders will be refunded if orders are placed. 

Leather gym pulling/ lifting straps made of genuine cow leather for pulling exercises. 

  • width 2.5 cm
  • total length 60 cm (approximate)
  • durable leather
  • made in Melbourne Australia
  • normal lasso: with loose strap always facing out of your palms. Initials are printed 2 inches from the sewn loop. Please cut excess length yourself.
  • weightlifting: sewn together at the end of the loop. Worn with the inside loop always stacked over the outside. Initials are printed in the center.
  • Dry in cool place
  • Do not leave it out in the sun for more than 30 minutes
  • Do not store with excess chalk
  • Not washable


Pulling movements from the ground.
For the gym and bodybuilding: dumbbell and barbell rows, deadlift

For crossfit, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting: deadlift and clean/ snatch pulls

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