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How L I N 8 revolutionises the way you buy leather goods

Working with French artisan who has been in the industry for most of his life, has given me the edge of understanding the processes involved in crafting leather goods. Since 2010, I learnt that leather goods from leading European fashion houses were expensive and they were always breaking the bank. Let alone, wanting a bespoke and customised piece for yourself. A bespoke crocodile clutch wallet would have cost me AUD 25,000 back in 2010. 

I founded L I N 8 originally as a side project to make my own leather goods. As time grew, I have also learnt that there are others who also love premium leather goods. I have searched high and low, and in many ways, securing the highest quality of leathers which leading European fashion houses use. 

Apart from that, I also strive to reduce waste in the long term, ensuring longevity in your leather goods and that they can be passed down to the next generation. The tanneries where L I N 8 gets leathers from adhere to strict ISO 26000 social responsibility standards. Besides that, L I N 8 cannot afford to have headaches dealing with possibly toxic materials from third world countries' tanneries. 

Timeline of tailoring your bespoke piece

If all leathers are available at my workshop and once you have confirmed your bespoke piece design, it will take another 3-4 weeks for completion. If we are looking to importing more leathers in, it will take generally take 6 months. 

Why are the prices so good? 

L I N 8 leather goods can be anywhere between 5 and 12 times more affordobale compared to leading fashion houses. By only spending the majority of the budget in craftsmanship and premium materials, L I N 8 delivers leather goods at a fraction of the cost of leading European fashion houses. There have not been thousands and millions of dollars splurged in any fashion shows, celebrity contracts, expensive marketing campaigns, rents, traditional retail mark up and branding.

We are also registered for GST, which means you can potentially claim Tourist Refund Scheme - other words, duty free shopping! 

L I N 8 uses the best available materials, components and craftsmanship and also offers customised bespoke services. At L I N 8, the passion lies in the materials and products designed and worn by you. 

LIN8 Australia's bespoke luxury leather goods at a fraction of cost of European fashion houses. Customised leather goods, 10 times cheaper, less than leading fashion houses. Made in Australia with French European genuine exotic crocodile, ostrich, taurillon, chevre leather