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Why L I N 8 over bigger and established brands?

L I N 8 is proudly Australian owned and works with boutique workshop artisans in Australia and Singapore. A boutique creative founded by Ling. 


Why are L I N 8 pieces ‘limited’?

I believe that integrity of the leather goods are respected if I do not mass-produce.
L I N 8 makes less than 5 pieces each time to ensure that quality and expectations are met.

Going smart

Introducing smart device to your leather goods, I will include a smart device with every purchase above $500. Default is noir taurillon leather.


How L I N 8 revolutionises the way you buy leather goods

L I N 8 allows you to select the colours and leather types of your leather goods at 5 to 12 times cheaper than what an established fashion house would cost you. For example, a bespoke crocodile leather clutch wallet would cost $25,000 in 2010. L I N 8 bespoke crocodile leather wallet would cost around $2,500. 

L I N 8 strives to reduce waste in the long term. L I N 8 leather goods are made timeless to ensure longevity. 
The tanneries where L I N 8 gets leathers from adhere to strict ISO 26000 social responsibility standards. 


How is L I N 8 affordable?

L I N 8 sources directly from leather goods hardware makers, zip makers and leather tanneries. Direct sourcing from Italy, Switzerland and France help lower the costs.

L I N 8 is also registered for GST, which means tourists can potentially claim Tourist Refund Scheme - other words, duty free shopping! 


Timeline of tailoring and co-creating your bespoke piece

If all materials are available at the workshop and once you have confirmed your bespoke piece design, it will take another 3-4 weeks for completion (allowing time for prototyping and crafting). If I am looking to importing more leathers in, it will generally take 6 months.

Tailoring services are not available for accessories under $1,000. Fill in this form if you are interested in co-creating a piece together~! 


Inspired by movement.

LIN8 Australia's bespoke luxury leather goods and timeless accessories made in Australia with specially imported taurillon leathers from France. Create, design your handbag, bag, shopper, tote bag today