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Campari ostrich
Polished pink crocodile
Polished blue electric crocodile
Matte nicotine crocodile
Matte pink burst crocodile
Matte graphite crocodile
Matte sunshine crocodile
Matte black crocodile

L I N 8

Exquisite exterior crocodile leather and soft interior calf leather make up this sleek card holder wallet/ case. Its superior and impeccable design make the unique construct compact and can be used by anyone. 

  • length 6.5 cm
  • height 10 cm
  • 4 outer card insert
  • 2 internal pockets
  • 1 document pocket

Matte Himalayan Nile crocodile is available. It has 11 pockets in total (8 outer card inserts, 2 internal pockets and 1 document pocket) - SOLD.

In just two weeks, I thought of the next generation of Card-IT. Here we have Card-UP. It is similar to the concept of Card-It, this is vertical rather than horizontal. Crocodile leather is considered to be the most precious leathers available. It is highly coveted by many because of its majestic scales, durability and rarity. 

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