Complimentary ground shipping


June 30, 2015

Our vision is simple. 
We create pieces that inspire us and our clients.
Day-to-day can be dull sometimes. We would love to add some pop colours and add some lovely experiences in your day. 
Some of you may be aware of our limited edition policy, of no more than 57 pieces annually for the next 35 years. We have an exciting announcement to make, whilst some of our clients may purchase some of our pieces at great prices, we may decide that down the track to turn selected pieces into limited edition pieces. 
Our only caveat is we will not take away the limited edition stature of those already are limited editions. We can only add more value to your piece, and we do not take away added value from your pieces. 
Ahh - yes! We shall also mail you our gold-plated cards should the design of your piece is selected to be part of our limited edition pieces.
This is simply one of the reasons, why you need to register your product with us. So get on to it! 
Thank you! :-)

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