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Ashley Ray

May 26, 2015

We would love the opportunity to introduce Ashley Ray to you. It's one of our introductory items in our collection. Each of our piece also comes with individually hand-finished authenticity cards. We do not compromise individuality in our pieces, just like how we passionately enjoy designing and making our pieces. 

These are hand-made by our artisans led by Guy, our very own local Parisien. Yes, a Parisien in Melbourne! May we add, he also comes from very prestigious line of descendants. He and his team take great pride in making these. We truly believe that our family, friends and clients love the Ashley Ray. 

Our founder's inspiration stems from the pyramids in Giza where the backdrop of the Sun, being the battery for all lives on Mother Earth. Hence, Ray. It also celebrates one of the most important in human history, how we tell the time and how we tell the days in a calendar year of 365 days. 

Sometimes, like us - our handbags also need some pop of colour. We love to accessorise. We cross the boundaries. We love functionality, utility. This is what marks us as creative beings. 

Our only challenge for you - is do find a way to wear this creatively! If you do, hashtag us (more information coming up) and you may win something! The only proviso is that; you are creative and passionate about the combination of fashion, luxury and utility. 


Thank you! 




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