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What did I play with?

April 26, 2015

Tonight was wonderful, meeting up with my former university friends. Even though most of us ended up in careers related to our fields of studies, we have also surprised each other with some of the different paths some of us chose to take instead. 

Walking into a room filled with Lego felt like reliving my childhood. I played with all sorts of toys, Mattel Barbie, Lego, figurines, board games and having a tiny pretend kitchen to cook with. Afternoon tea was a favourite of mine, and still is today. The hard bricks of Lego were very easy to work with given schematics and some instructions. All it took was patience. Not the same can be said for building a name for your leather goods because it does not come with schematics and instructions. Despite that, it is tremendously exciting to be working towards a vision I dreamed of and hold so dearly now. 

Just a small part of Kevin's Lego collection

Today, I still play with objects. I may not mess up my work or dining desks (calling a bluff, I still do). I am extremely open and creative to explore many things in life (caveat probably includes extreme thrill sports hah!) like splashing lots of colours, textures and patterns, teasing my sugar palate, learn how to snatch properly (olympic lifting), perfecting product development and customer experience, learn more about commodities trading, play with the idea of coupling functionality with luxury, connecting and sharing with people from all walks of life... the list goes on.

I play. 


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