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From Engineering and Law to Fashion and Lifestyle?

April 24, 2015

Life has taken most of us to strange places, if we have the courage to explore. We are all creative if we allow our ears to listen, eyes to see and minds to dream. 

Like everybody else, my childhood in Penang Malaysia was fairly ordinary but my experiences have cultivated who I am today. From spending time at relatives and learning what they did for a living, and from times spent at the post office unwrapping presents sent all the way from Australia. The presents were mostly chocolates and dresses made by my loving aunts. I was always quite generous to share some of my sweets with my younger sister and a few selected friends :-) 

In Malaysia, besides the ordinary schooling like every other child had, I also grew up discovering music, art, dance and sports. I happily danced ballet and played the piano, continued to sit for official exams and these have had primary impact on how I live my life now. Art was another subject I enjoyed, I went for additional art classes; I remember colouring with oil crayons. My favourite art pieces are usually oil-based, like oil painting of Claude Monet's and Rembrandt. 

I not only took after some of what my uncles and aunts did for living, but also my father who was a mathematics teacher. I went on to study engineering and law at Monash University in Melbourne. Why law? I thought I would add something different to it, also knowing that would allow me wider options for a corporate career. So I graduated and worked at an American conglomerate for 4 years when I realised that my passion in life actually encompasses the broader picture and not specifically in law nor engineering. 

As when I was growing up, I was also exposed to the finer things in life and only when I graduated from university as both a lawyer and an engineer, I was gifted lovely handbags from family. They were not just Louis Vuitton and Hermes but also in exotic leathers (ostrich and crocodile). This was the turning point in my life, that I realise even though I loved my presents, they were not enough. Simply because, I love not only the finished products but also its other intricacies like the leathers and materials used, how handbags are made and how wonderful it is to untie the ribbon of a gift box. 

James, Gleb and I



From attending classes and events of all sorts (fashion classes, a postgraduate degree in business, luxury fashion runways, fashion shows, trade shows, fashion communities), I found that I was finally in my element. 

So this was where it all begun ... 


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