What is smart about your fashion?

November 10, 2016

I am excited to trial this new technology I am introducing into my range. I am now using it at work and everywhere else, it has become a lifestyle for me now. 

Some of its exciting use:

  • to track the position of your items
    • the device buzzes
    • the device lights up
  • as a temperature guidance - you should not leave your L I N 8 piece exposed to extreme weather/ heat conditions! 
  • more information here 

The keychain Find Me is a great starter L I N 8 piece. You also have the opportunity to design your own keychain and make it more bespoke for your loved ones this Christmas. It makes a fun gift/present, and the bonus is that it is also affordable! 


L I N 8 bespoke.unique.luxury.smart.fashion.accessories.key chain finder with bluetooth/beacon device