What is luxury?

October 10, 2016

The word luxury has been thoroughly misused by many people in many sectors. Nowadays, apartments built and sold claim the world 'luxury' yet the space you paid for is almost the size of a shoe box. I often see this in fashion too where labels claim that their goods are luxurious, yet many of those labels are mass-produced. Since when did we allow some of the media and labels to loosely use the word luxury in their businesses? 

The word luxury, is not to be misconstrued for aesthetically pleasing goods which may or may not last beyond 1 year of use. 

The world luxury, should be used in relation with good and pieces that are made with extreme thoughts, efforts and love. The efforts you pour into creating those pieces which you want to see being pass down to the next generation. It is a luxury, if you buy yourself a piece of these every time you celebrate. 

It is not luxury if it is a piece you buy just instantaneously. It is luxury if you are more mindful about the processes that are involved in creating those pieces. It is luxury if you also put some thought into planning some lovely purchases. 

Have a browse at some of my pieces in these collections; men, women, pets and home to have a further look at what I feel luxury should stand for. 

Luxury should be delicate, elegant and refined. Not mass-produced and sold for $30, nor handmade at home. 


L I N 8 genuine Australian designer&handmade exotic crocodile/ostrich leather fashion wallet,men's wallet,dapperstyle

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