June 23, 2017


Weekend is approaching again~ 

Just some updates of what have been going on at L I N 8. I've come up with some new monogram options, and particularly love the unicorn option. Click on the link to check it out! This available for my gym straps

In His Pocket is made of genuine crocodile leather, it is sleek, compact and does not cost AUD 5,000 - AUD 7,000 which a French fashion house would charge. I use it daily for its convenience and it fits in any purse, clutch, bag I wear. Available from AUD 728 without smart device, and AUD 738 with smart device. 

Find Me. Is my first smart product which I am incorporating in some of my pieces. If you purchase In His Pocket, you have the option of adding this on for only AUD 10. So you can beep it any time you want! 

Find Me tip. Always ensure that your bluetooth is switched on and ensure that you sync its current gps location. It's always handy to record its latest gps location! So if you left the device in the car, you can simply use the app that will guide you to where your car is parked at! Amazing, and handy! Available from AUD 48 onwards. Alternatively leave it in your traveling luggage! 

Have a fabulous weekend :-)

Gym straps
Complimentary initials monogram
from AUD 28
Click here to check out Kyle
Everybody's Envelope
AUD 198
with smart device