Thoughtful Gifts

November 16, 2016

What are thoughtful gifts? 

Gifts that have been designed meticulously with lots of thought, care and love - also created and made the very same way. The C.M.C. was originally created for a special client, and I worked with Trewarne Diamonds (Melbourne) to have a special jewel embedded on the clutch. The jewel represents 3 energies synergizing with one another, just like how we should live our lives daily. 

Find out more about the C.M.C. here. You also have the option to include smart fashion with your C.M.C. purchase which is complimentary. I have personally been using this smart fashion device, and it has been convenient, and nevertheless, cool! 


L I N 8 bespoke women's crocodile leather clutch handmade & Australian designer.London,Dubai,Melbourne

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