The DT

April 20, 2017

I hope that you found these 5 leather shopping tips helpful! Especially when Mothers' Day is not far away for Australians, it is time to start shopping now! 

The Diode Tote (The DT) is officially out! It is up on my store now. A wonderful tote bag that is capable of carrying a lot of things. With dimension of 25 cm, 32 cm and 10 cm gives you a lot of room for carrying your daily staples like folded umbrella, wallet, some toiletries, keys, mobile phone, tablet, water bottle etc. It also has a big zipped pocket and a big press-button pocket so you can keep some notes in it! 

It will also come with smart fashion technology so it can help you look for your misplaced items at home, whether in storage or somewhere in the room. Just at a tap on your mobile phone, the device will start to beep to guide you to look for your misplaced bag! 

Check out the new bag now! 

LIN8 Australia's first smart fashion.Work tote bag made in Australia powered by smart fashion technology to track your bag