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Slow fashion

February 24, 2017

Cymbidium, common in my hometown in Penang Malaysia

I grew up with many orchids, family loves orchids. I saw these in Norway ♥️

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Purse made with genuine crocodile leather that is naturally polished with agate stone ❣
Say no to plastic, no to wastage

It is such a controversy what fast fashion is all about. I own a few fast fashion pieces, though they are in my wardrobe for some time before I 'recycle' them. Recycling them usually means, I donate my clothes to the less fortunate. Interesting enough, quoting Zara Wong of Vogue, recycled fast fashion that doesn't make it to the less fortunate in Australia, they are shipped off to Africa. Funnily enough, majority of the recycled clothings are still not wearable in Africa? and the Africans just do not know what to do with them?! This = (Equals) to waste, and waste management.

Personally, I never purchased any fast fashion leather goods. I just love leathers too much, and these days, I purchase unfinished products in bulk so I have way too much leathers :-b 

Think many times, the next time you shop fast fashion. If you cannot compute the cost of making something only $5 to $10, then it's definitely questionable how they make things for such low costs, says Bianca Spender daughter of Carla Zampatti. Let alone, things they sell for $10 to $30. Often enough, retail prices are marked up many, many times to cover their overhead costs. Let's just say, I do not mark up my retail price enough. 

Yes, sometimes we are restricted to our personal budget but long gone were the times, you save up a few months to buy the very special piece. A piece that stays next to you, grows with you daily. This means much more than instant gratification of things that do not last beyond a few months. 

Yes, to slow fashion.

Your pieces should last and grow with you. ❣❣❣


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