Happy Friyay~!

January 27, 2017

Happy Friyay~ 

Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching the weekend, how exciting~ I hope that you're as excited as I am. Like what some of my friends, Christophe and Gabrielle say, a new Lunar New Year, meaning new world's energy. Welcoming the new exciting fire rooster energy, embracing all the goodness. Wishing the world peace, joy, great health and love. 

Featured here some of my favourite pieces, 

The C.M.C. a purse that is elegant and classic, lined with lamb leather and comes with optional technology and precious, semi-precious stone jewellery. 

Mix IT a bag strap like no other. My signature crocodile trim strap makes a statement to anyone's outfit. 

Card-UP a card wallet that is sleek and compact. I know that we all love a thin wallet more often than not.

In His Pocket a men's wallet for the dapper man. It is a non-bulky wallet, and even I use it daily too. It just fits in everything, from anyone's pockets to purses!~ 

All pieces are exclusive only in Australia and not mass-produced. 


L I N 8 bespoke&exclusive purse,clutch,handbag leather goods.Australia's first smart fashion accesosries