January 12, 2020

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Finding our ground work was not challenging because we always have the idea of using the finest materials. Materials that have longevity are knowingly rarer and can be celebrated over a long period of time. 

Product. We are passionate in sourcing and using the highest quality materials that are unique and make your accessories timeless over time. 

Leather. Using the finest leathers that are full grain also promise longevity and timelessness. The wear of using the best leathers will also see patina developing. We find ways of reducing our leather waste, by making leather fobs that are often complimentary with purchases. 

Innovation. We try new and efficient methods in various projects. From embroidery and the use of a revolutionary DuPont material that is tear and water resistant: Re.Use

Supply chain. We work towards in understanding our whole supply chain. We continue working with tanneries that have absolute responsible waste management in place. 

All of the elements above are crucial when we run our business because as much as our accessories are made to endure through time, we are also committed in building and developing a business that endures through time with your accessories. We would love to foster everlasting relationships with our clients and work with their next generation in creating accessories that are not only luxurious but also functional to their lifestyles. Our unique vision ensures that we are not the same as everybody else and that we always find ways in collaboration and creation. 

LIN8 Australia's luxury accessories and leather goods. Metallic gold crocodile leather.

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